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Marine Biology Field Trip 2014

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Monday morning we got up a 6:30 AM, made breakfast, our lunches for the day and set out Bahia Honda Beach across the 7 mile bridge. Waters were choppy today because of the 15+ mph wind. North side beach was shut down because of a bacteria warning, so we made our way to Southside. We saw many creatures including, Sergeant Majors, Barracuda, Upside down jellyfish, flounder, and sea urchins. We left there and went to Sandspur beach and saw many more of the same creatures and more including a huge Queen Conch. Waves were rough on Sandspur, so we definitely got our work out in the water. Around 1:30 PM we set out to Spanish Harbor Key and saw MANY new fish! Spanish Harbor started out around 2 ft deep and then around 5ft out, it was a drop off to about 50ft. We saw MANY parrotfish, a southern ray, a great barracuda, grouper, hogfish, and a spaghetti worm. Lauren got stung by a Mangrove upside down jelly today on her arm! She’s okay though, put some cream on it. We left around 4:30PM, got back to the house and put all of our gear up, made dinner, and talked about the day of what we encountered. We are all pretty burned from today but can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures!

Emmalee Speer


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