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Krystina in Austria: Holes in My Boots


Krystina Lindsey is a junior from Horse Branch, Kentucky, majoring in English with an emphasis in Literature. She is spending the Spring 2012 Semester in Austria and is sending updates to KWConnect about her adventures. If you missed previous entries, you can catch up here.


Well, as of my last blog post, I said I was planning on climbing the mountain. I pretty much haven’t even thought about climbing it. I have, however, had to walk 25-30 minutes to class every day, and on Mondays, I will be making that trip at least three times. So, that’s almost like climbing a mountain, right? LOL.

My classes finally started on Feb. 20. Classes begin at 8:30 a.m., and we complained about that for all of two minutes before we were told that we only have class at 8:30 because no one wanted to have class on Fridays. So, I don’t have class on Fridays. Boo. Yeah.

It’s starting to get warmer around here. Until about two days ago, it was either snowing or raining. Now, I can walk around in my chucks and a jacket. It’s still chilly, and if we go up into the mountains, there will be snow boots and coats involved, but we’re pretty good in town.

Me and one of the other girls here walked around town and tried to get ourselves lost. It didn’t work. Still, we stumbled upon a store that sold incense, perfume, and all sorts of ‘oriental’ things. (I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider Egypt part of the Orient. But the name of the shop had ‘Orient’ in it, so…) I got a really pretty scarf and some AMAZING perfume.


A sampling of pastries that we all go to town to try.

Let me tell you, Europe is expensive. I bought snow boots back in the States, and walked so much in them that I got holes in the bottoms. Of both of them! I had to buy new boots, and they cost about 65 euros. Doesn’t sound bad, but lemme tell you how much that is in dollars: $98. I about croaked when I saw that on my bank account. I can’t find it in myself to be too angry; getting those boots kept me from getting sick because I had holes in my boots.

Next time … travel plans!


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