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KWC in Costa Rica!


During the 2012 Winter Term (January 3-19), Dr. Arcea Zapata de Aston is teaching a travel class called Language, Culture and Diversity in Costa Rica. Three students are taking the class and are sending updates and photos for the KWC blog. This is their first entry. You can also see a full photo gallery from the trip online (click “recent albums” to see day-by-day photos).


Day One:

Well…. Sunday was hectic, to put it nicely. First there was the packing, and the checking, then the going out and buying things you forgot to get, followed by the double checking…meanwhile all the time you are thinking to yourself, “This can’t be real.”

airport welcome

Welcome to Costa Rica!

After an 18-hour traveling experience, we arrived in Costa Rica. It didn’t seem real. “Era como un sueño. Que bonita, que hermosa, que refrescante! Hotel Robledal es magnifico! Me encanta este lugar!” The architecture is beautiful, along with the laid-back layout of the property. The bright yellow walls and rustic dark wooden doors complement the excitement of Costa Rica and the tropical nature.

When we arrived at the hotel, I fell in love. It is the best hotel I have ever stayed at, not because it has a huge screen TV and all these different amenities that make hotels expensive, but because of how plain and elegant it is. They allow you to take yourself out of your room and into the world.


Our hotel

Beautiful trees and plants surround us. My favorite was a tree called a trumpet tree. This is because it is very straight, yet hollow. The ants use this as their “hotel,” but what’s truly amazing is to see the ants protect the tree. One helps the other, giving you a real idea of how we should work as humans to find that balance as well.


A trumpet tree

Thus began what we knew would be a long, exhilarating, fun trip.


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